Committees in english 2023


Topic A

Literacy processes and access to the educational system for school-age minors

Topic B

Economic and humanitarian assistance to children in conflict zones


Lucas Iturmendi

Lucas’ enriching experience taking part and winning the Best Delegate Award at the UNESCO committee in URJCmun 2021 motivates him to continue challenging himself by aspiring to chair a committee at next year’s edition of URJCmun. Lucas’ exceptional communication skills in both English and Spanish foster seamless teamwork, while his adaptability and drive ensure success in any project.  His innovative thinking and capacity to remain composed under pressure makes Lucas thrive in MUNs both a delegate and chair. His blend of leadership, diligence and his passion for self-growth truly sets him apart, making him the ideal choice for the Chair position. With an extensive participation in the MUNs having taken part as a delegate over 10 times, as a chair in 3 main conferences, and an official organizer twice at the same one, his experience provides him with the understanding and outlook of knowing how to make a conference successful. Lucas would create a positive impact as chair due to his constructive approach at moderating which engenders an integrative and inclusive debating dynamic that cherishes cooperation and dialogue.

Marina Pavón

Marina is a third-year student of International Relations at the Rey Juan Carlos University. She has many positive qualities but stands out for being very hard-working, organized and decisive; She possesses the ability to quickly identify key problems and find effective solutions to improve project development and teamwork. She easily adapts to any type of situation and knows how to make the best of every moment.

As part of the table, Marina will assume the duty of leading the debate and ensuring that the committee delegates have a good experience and leave with a great memory of the URJCmun. Marina will not disappoint as one of the representatives who are part of the URJCmun.