Committees in english 2023


Topic A

Legal instruments for the promotion of environmental responsibility: the ecocide

Topic B

Equitable access to resources in the primary sector: small farmers and rural women


Carmen Revilla

Carmen is a final year student of international relations at the Rey Juan Carlos University. She started with the Muns in high school and she hasn’t stopped since. Playing at being a diplomat for a few days has become one of the best university experiences for her. Carmen faces this edition of URJCmun with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm since she will surely be the last.

Bruno Sau

Bruno is a highly committed and qualified candidate to assume the role of Chair at this conference. With a strong background in the Model United Nations, his deep interest in mock diplomacy, and his experience representing various countries and committees, he demonstrates an understanding of global challenges.

His willingness to work as a team and collaborate with other Chairs and delegates ensures an enriching experience for everyone.

Bruno Sau ensures a successful event that promotes the development of leadership, negotiation and conflict resolution skills among participants. His ability to inspire and guide delegates will be an invaluable asset to the conference.