Committees in english 2023


Topic A

Non-State actors’ pursuit of CBRN weapons

Topic B

Border security and arms trafficking


Dhruvi Khandewal

Dhruvi has been associated with URJCMUN for the past 3 editions. She first started as a delegate, and for the previous 2 editions she has been part of the Chairing team. This model has a special place in her heart as it is one of the best models she has ever been to.

Siana Delcheva

Siana Delcheva is a 3rd year International Relations student at the URJC in Vicálvaro. She has participated in several MUNs and simulations… she loves being right.

She is very interested in international business, the military world, but above all… cars! The motor world is one of the pillars of her life.

For Siana, MUNs are not only an opportunity to develop oratory and debate, but the best opportunity to make friends and meet worthwhile people.

Siana encourages you to sign up for the best committee of all, DISEC, and she sends you a lot of encouragement to be part of this family.