Committees in english 2023


Topic A

Challenges of mass tourism and of privatization of cultural sites

Topic B

Promoting cultural diversity: challenges of globaliztion and homogenization of culture


Siana Delcheva

Siana is a fourth year student of International Relations in URJC. Her interest in MUNs  has grown with time… starting with fear and slowly developing into an extremely fruitful journey. Her idea (and mission) is to make all her delegates develope the same (or higher) joy towards the MUNs as she has.

Cayetano Ortín

Ever since he got into the world of MUNs at the start of his first year in Uni, Cayetano, an ambitious student, couldn’t stop. He fell in love with everything that it meant. Now, after more than 4 MUNs and 1 MEU, Cayetano is still as eager to learn and participate in these models as the first day, if not more. Enthusiastic, applied, quick-thinking, bilingual, extroverted and sociable.

Cayetano thinks he could enhance both his experience and the experiences of the delegates of his committee given the fact that he loves meeting new people, adding that he’s, or at least he considers himself to be, easy-going.