About Us

What is URJCmun?

URJCmun was born in 2013 as an initiative to promote the interest of the university community in the United Nations, international relations and diplomacy. After many years of work from the organization, and a magnificent participation of students every year, we have become the largest Model United Nations in Spain and Europe. However, although the numbers are different, the spirit is the same as in the very beginning: to change the university experience of everyone who passes through it.

About Us

What is URJCmun?

URJCmun was born in 2013 as an initiative to promote the interest of the university community in the United Nations, international relations and diplomacy. After many years of work from the organization, and a magnificent participation of students every year, we have become the largest Model United Nations in Spain and Europe. However, although the numbers are different, the spirit is the same as in the very beginning: to change the university experience of everyone who passes through it.

URJCmun is born
First participation of sponsors; established as the 4ht biggest Model UN in Europe
We celebrate our 10th anniversary
After trying Fuenlabrada and Vicálvaro, the Móstoles campus becomes the annual venue of the event
The 9th edition is a success thanks to a proper compliance to the COVID-19 rules

What is a MUN?

The acronym MUN refers to “Model United Nations.”

MUN stands for Model United Nations. A Model UN at college level is a competition where students from different degrees debate representing different United Nations countries. Each representative, also called “delegate” participates in a committee where specific topics are discussed, going from social to economic issues, with vary many others in between!

The purpose of delegates in the committee is to find consensus among the other delegations and draft a working paper that, after further debate, will end up becoming a resolution on whichever topic they were discussing.

Europe's biggest MUN

After URJCmun was born in 2013 in Vicálvaro, it was not too late before some of URJCmun’s most classic traditions, parties and carnations, began, in 2014. In 2016, we had over 600 participants, and finally reached 

more than a thousand in 2020. After celebrating the event during the pandemic with a very strict, and successful, safety protocol, we became Europe’s biggest MUN in 2021.

Nair Robleda is doing a Double Major on International Relations and Politic Science at Rey Juan Carlos University. She is a proactive and very hardworking person. In the future, she hopes that her job will help a lot of people. Nair has been in the team for several years as Director General of URJCmun TEEN 2022 and as USG for Coordination in URJCmun 2023.

Moreover, she has decided to continue being part of the team for another year, but this time leading it as its Secretary General in order to offer the opportunity to grow, in debate and oratory, to younger ones like her who have not had the possibility of doing so until now.

Montserrat Martorell is currently in his fourth year studying Protocol, Event Organization and Corporate Communication at Rey Juan Carlos University. It was his interest in international affairs that motivated him to be involved in URJCmun. After being Staff at URJCmun 2020 and 2021 and Director of Staff in the third edition of URJCmun TEEN 2022, he wanted to continue learning within this great family. He hopes to help create an unforgettable experience for all participants, as well as a good learning space to grow, just as URJCmun has been for him.

Urko is a 19-year-old student. From a very early age, he showed a great interest in sport.

But he was not only interested in sport, since he was a child he was always looking for new ways to broaden his knowledge on these subjects and was always willing to participate in debates and discussions related to these topics. As he grew older, he realized that he wanted to continue learning about these subjects in an academic environment. That is why he decided to pursue a degree in international relations at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

One of the most impactful academic experiences this young man has had was when he participated in his first university year at URJCmun, and after having participated in two editions of URJCmun as a delegate, he has been encouraged to be part of the organizing team of URJCmun 2024.

Lucía Cañada is 20 years old, a second year student of International Relations in English at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Originally from Zaragoza, her dream was to study in Madrid. Passionate about music, travelling and living new experiences, she is an extrovert girl willing to accept new challenges.

After 2 years participating as a delegate in URJCMUN making new friendships and becoming fond of the world of simulations, she has decided to take the leap to secretarial work with a great illusion, to grow within a great team, and with the aim of giving the best experience to all participants.

Kitiara Román is 22 years old and a student of International Relations at Rey Juan Carlos University. She is from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where she has spent the last few years working as a receptionist. Her first time at URJCmun was as a delegate at UN Women, but she realized that her real interest was in the organizational side of the project. She is a very ambitious person, looking forward to learn new things and to put all her enthusiasm in URJCmun 2024, so all participants can enjoy and discover new passions.

Jorge is a 3rd grade criminology student. His interest in photojournalism and international relations made him find his place in the URJCmun press team. With the experience of coordinating  URJCmun TEEN 2023 press team, he decides to face this new challenge with enthusiasm to make this edition a special one.

Mauricio Herrera is a fourth year student of Audiovisual Communication at the URJC. It was not until the third year of his career that he discovered the world of MUN’s and parliamentary simulations, but since then he has participated in all the events that have been possible and so far he has more than a dozen. During his time in this world he has covered a wide variety of positions, from photographer or videographer to making of, through the direction of some of the teams in which he has been present.

This year he joins for the first time the URJCmun secretariat for its twelfth edition, while repeats for the second time in the URJCmun TEEN, in order to give the best experience to all participants and leave a nice memory captured in videos.

Gonzalo Galván is 19 years old and is currently studying a bacherlor’s degree in International Relations at Rey Juan Carlos University. He is a person with a lot of initiative in search of projects that complement his studies and, as a future Internationalist, he wants to dedicate himself to communication tasks at a global level. After participating for the first time as a delegate in URJCmun 2023, he returns to URJCmun 2024 as Director of Communication & Social Media, where he hopes to demonstrate his skills and new ideas with all of you. For all these reasons, Gonzalo is looking forward work with the rest of the team to make URJCmun 2024 the best edition of URJCmun.

Andrea Barchino is 19 and she studies International relations’ degree. She’s a proactive person who enjoys helping other people and so she does with the diary rewardings experiences. While trying to have a positive attitude, she sees each challenge as a new chance of learning something new. 

This way, Andrea wants to give, the best way she can, a wonderful experience and opportunity to all the participants of the model, an experience she considers unique and privileged.

Nerea Domínguez is 20 years old and is a student of International Relations. She started in the world of model United Nations in high school, and knew that this was what she wanted to do in the future. Having participated in 2 URJCMun and in the Harvard World Mun in Paris, she cannot wait for a new experience as it is, being part of the secretariat of URJC MUN. Learning new things and living unique experiences is something she loves, and that’s why she always signs up for everything. She is a very hard-working person who is always willing to help, and above all, she likes to have fun doing the things she likes the most.

Clara Álvarez García is a fourth year student of the double degree in Law and International Relations at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. She started in the world of MUNs in 2020,allowing her to learn about such different topics in each of them. So,  getting to know new countries and cultures became addictive for her.

She is a person who is characterized by her perseverance and tenacity. In ten years she hopes to have a job that allows her to discover the world, and help as much as possible to improve it. At the moment she is part of the URJCmun 2024 team, full of energy, enthusiasm and desire to give the best of herself.

Marina Fernández is twenty-one years old and is a first-year student of the degree in Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication at Rey Juan Carlos university. She has always been interested into the world of events and since she discovered the university simulations, she has become more and more hooked about it. She has participated in some of them as Staff as well as in URJCmun 2023 and also URJCmun TEEN IV Edition, and now it’s time to take a step forward becoming part of the organization of URJCmun 2024 and URJCmun TEEN V Edition. She is so excited to be able to collaborate in these projects and also she expects to be able to contribute her bit in this kind of experience that will mark the lives of the young participants, she believes this is just the beginning of a long relationship with the Model United Nations.

Andrea Méndez is 21 years old and is studying a double degree in Financial and Actuarial Economics with Economics. She is a dynamic, outgoing and very proactive person so far from staying in her “numbers field”, she has decided to start her way in URJCmun to grow in this field and live new experiences. Learning new things and meeting new people is something she loves so she embraces this new experience with great enthusiasm, hoping that all of you are as eager to start as she is.

Rosa Mª Pareja is 20 years old and she loves events. She is studying “Protocolo, Organización de Eventos y Comunicación Corporativa” and she has been part of the staff team of URJCmun 2022 and URJCmun Teen 2023. This year, she has entered to the secretary’s office fill with thrill. Since the first time that she participated in this United Nations model, she has been advocating for the implementation of these kind of activities at the university, as she believes they help you to become a better professional.


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