Comités en español 2023



Tema A

Modern slavery: global action in the fight against human exploitation

Tema B

Sustainable future: improving employment conditions for young people


Pablo Cuesta

Pablo is a fourth-year communication and digital media student at IE University of Madrid. He has been the president of the IE Debate Club and has organized his university’s simulation. He has also represented his institution in different simulations such as Harvard or URJCmun.

Thanks to the different opportunities that the university has offered him, Pablo has been able to participate in different academic simulations. Having been both a delegate and a chair, he knows how he feels and thinks about both positions, something that will hopefully make the committee fluid for all participants in the debate. Compassionate, funny when necessary, and flexible, he will do everything possible to ensure that everyone enjoys the simulation to the fullest.

Lucía Pérez

Lucía is a fourth-year student of International Relations in English at the URJC. After having participated as a delegate in the committees against drugs and crime (UNODC) in 2021 and against terrorism (CTC) in 2022, she is qualified to participate in the debate from another point of view. As Chair, she will bring dynamism and fun as well as facilitate the learning of all delegates, since she knows what it is like to live the experience from her perspective.