Comités en español 2023



Tema A

LGBTQ+ communities and mental health

Tema B

Sexual exploitation in the tourism sector


Virna Calvo Rossi

Virna is a third year International Relations student at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has more than 10 models of experience between Spain, Ecuador and Argentina being a delegate, Chair, director of the academic department and currently, general secretary of COMPIMUN 2022. She knows perfectly how the models work and has many different ideas due to her experience in other countries. In addition, she considers that the experience of being a Chair and teaching the delegates everything she knows, taking into account the enthusiasm with which they accept her recommendations, is the best there is,  since she was once like them and she loves helping them as their Chairs did to her.

Miguel Romero Alfageme

Miguel Romero Alfageme is a fourth year International Relations student in English at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Since he was very young, his greatest passion has been traveling the world to discover new cultures and learn about the problems that other countries have to face. After his first participation in URJCmun in 2020, during his first year of studies, Miguel realized that debating to reach agreements was his passion, so in the not too distant future he sees himself working in an international organization collaborating to make this a more just and equal world. 

Miguel defines himself as an ambitious person, with an open mind and a positive attitude above all else, as he considers that this is the main starting point to be able to achieve real and effective solutions. All this, together with his seriousness at times when this is necessary and his particular sense of humor, will contribute to this edition in which, after three years with notable participation as a delegate, he will assume his position as vice president with great enthusiasm.